Friday, August 2, 2013

I was finally able to get some photos of my Colonial Germans.  They are for my fictional Africa setting taking place sometime in the 1890's.  I picked the troops from what I liked from all of Germany's African colonies and put them all into my own.  They have had border skirmishes with British troops to the North, the French to the South-East, CSA renegades to the South, and the Sudanese basically everywhere.  They are based individually on washers in groups of 20 for The Sword and the Flame.  My Germans are mostly Old Glory, Brigade Games, some Foundry, and West Wind.  While most of my colonial troops are historically based, I can't help but add a few elements of VSF.  Well, enough talking and on to the pictures. 
The General

1st half of Askari

2nd half of Askari

1st half of Schutztruppe

2nd half of Schutztruppe

Officer and NCO

1st half of Seebatallion

2nd half of Seebatallion

1st half of sailors

2nd half of sailors

Officer and NCO



Officer and NCO

Askari machine gun



Officer and NCO



Askari Signalman

Askari Polizeitruppe

Askari NCO

Askari Marksman

Askari Medical NCO




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Scratch built walker


  1. That is a very impressive array of figures that are very nicely painted. Really like the paint job you have given the general and his mule. Like the unit of Polizei in their white uniforms. But my favourite unit is the scouts, who makes them and did you paint them up straight or have you done some conversion work? The only figures I don't like are the three officers in shirtsleeves/vests and braces not because of your painting but because the figures theirselves look a bit cartoonish and don't blend in with the other troops. Looking forward to seeing more.

    1. The scouts are from Brigade Games WWI in Africa line. They are from the German Askari NCO and Buglers and Standard bearers packs. I didn't have any Askari in slouch hats so I shaved off the NCO patches and painted them as white men. The center scout in the straw hat is from the Foundry Belgian Darkest Africa line. I do agree about the officers in shirtsleeves, I plan to uses them as officer in undress.