Friday, August 30, 2013

Oh look, something shiny and new

My goldfish like mind has struck again.  After looking at a few of my wargame mags, I decided that gaming Napoleonic wars in 28mm was a good idea.  My dad warned me against this and said we should do it in 15mm, which he already has.  But did I listen to this sound advice, heck no!  I was able to get my dad onboard when I showed him the new plastic French line.  I ordered a box of Napoleonic British line co from Victrix when they 1st came out and a little later I finally got a box of flank co to complete the units.  We decided to game during the Peninsula campaign.  Here is the start of my first British unit.  So far it is only the Grenadiers and part of the line co, there are 3 more stands to round out the unit.  They are based for both Republic to Empire (the large base) and Sharps Practice (the smaller bases).  Unfortunately this is as far as I have gotten with them as motivation and new shiny things distracted me.  The bases just need to be flocked to be done. 

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