Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The New CSA

What happens when you see some figures that you want but said figures are for a period/scale you don't game?  You create any reason to include them!  When I saw Perry Miniatures plastic Civil War cavalry and Zouaves I just knew I had to have them, but I don't game the Civil War in 28mm.  After drooling over some pictures of them, a light bulb went off.  If my colonial forces fight in a fictional Africa setting then whose to say who is fighting there.  Just like that the New CSA was born.  This small country in Eastern Africa has been colonized by people who left the USA after the Civil War and other peoples from around the world who headed East to search for a new place to live.  The Zouave units are raised from French Creoles and people from France who wanted to start over.  The Cavalry unit will be played more like irregular cavalry.  I also have some Old Glory Pershing Expedition Americans that I'm going to paint up as regular troops in a butterscotch colored uniform.  I also have some American Indians to use as irregulars and also some cowboys to paint up as rancher/militia.  Well that's the idea at least.  Just want to apologize for the pictures, using my wife's camera and I don't have it down yet.

1st New France Volunteers

Test figure for the 2nd unit

Henry Reaper leading his "Grim Reapers"

I personally really like the flag :)

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  1. A sneaky but very acceptable reason for having those Perry Confederates in Africa. That first unit of Zouaves looks great, very nice shade of "mustard" for their jackets. Like your cavalry,as well, very nicely painted. If this is intended to be a free state for assorted "exiled" Americans and Europeans some of the Empress Boers from their Zulu War series might fit in nicely.