Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Well here we go.....
I made this blog because I'm a very slow painter and I hope this will motivate me to paint a little more.  Another reason was to get feedback form other people, it's always nice to hear something looks good.  I hope to get some pictures of the figures that I have already painted up soon.  I just need to work out how to photograph them correctly. 
I currently have Colonial British, Germans, some Americans, and a lot of Sudanese painted for a fictional Africa setting that toes the line with VSF.  I have quite a few Space Marines painted up.  Never played with them, I don't even own the rules.  I just like the figures.  I have some Bretonnians/ knights painted with a lot more unpainted.  I just started to paint up some Empire troops just for fun.  One of my latest kicks is Greek Mythology.  A few Greeks against some skeletons, beastmen, and monsters.
Now I just need to get some photos....

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