Sunday, August 4, 2013

Got some photos of my Colonial British and also found my old notes on the fictional units.  Most figures are Redoubt Enterprise and Foundry.  I'll be the first to admit that Redoubt wasn't my first choice for British troops.  I originally wasn't going t collect British as everyone has them, but I heard of a dealer getting rid of all his Redoubt line.  I took a look at what was left and thought, well since he is selling them so cheep I can but a small force.  Well after those were painted, I wanted to expand my troops, so I bought some Foundry figures.  Redoubt's Zulu line are huge compared to their Sudan line which work with Foundry and other lines.  However, they do paint up nice.  I still have a unit of Bengal Lancers to paint up then the British should be done....

These are fictional units for my fictional Africa setting and as with my Germans, I picked units that I wanted to paint.  Units are based for The Sword and the Flame.  The flags are hand painted.  Hope you like them.
General Sir Archibald Morley

The Bedingham Regiment

Captain The Hon. Arthur Humphries and senior NCO

I decided that the two large units would have their colors with them. This is for the Bedingham Regiment.

31st Frontier Light Horse (Fletcher's Horse)

Queen's Own Rifle Corps

Gun from the 8th Battery Royal Artillery, being directed by Lt. Angus Mctavish.

The Kempshire Regiment

North Waltland Highlanders

140th Bengal Native Infantry

Captain Alan Ludlow and Sikh NCO

11th Regiment, Gurkha (light) Infantry

Officer and NCO

Cavalry Officer and Colonel Edward Handcocks

Two Officers


  1. After that big array of Germans, I was not expecting an immediate British army, I was expecting units to appear one at a time. Very nice painting again. Love the General and his horse is a very stylish looking beast. Favourite unit has to be the Sweaty Socks but those Sikhs run a very close second. Notice neither army has any mounted units. Are your forces to be all foot sloggers or are the mounted cavalry too follow?

    1. Mounted units are to follow for both armies. I don't like to paint horses :) Both the British and Germans are a combined effort of many years of painting and I had never taken photos of them all completed.
      Once I figured out how to paint tartan, the highlanders were fun to paint.