Friday, October 25, 2013

Thraex and Murmillo

Here are the promised pictures of the gladiators that I have painted recently.  A Thraex and Murmillo.  Both were very fun to paint and I'm already prepping a retiaruis and secutor.  These two will battle for the amusement of Campbell Elizabeth Buck, the newest edition to the family. 
Hope you like them
Scopulus the Murmillo

Proculus the Thraex

Monday, October 21, 2013

Are you not entertained?

Finally completed my arena.  After I finished painting it, I built a cedar frame around it to protect the corners and to make it more rigid.  Now I just need some painted gladiators to fight in it.  I have two almost finished that are waiting for the sand to dry on their bases so I can paint them.  Pictures of them to follow soon.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Well, its been awhile....

Its been over a month since I've last posted and things have changed a lot in the Buck house.  The arrival of our newest member of the family will be coming Tuesday actually!  A lot of my spare time has been going into setting up her room and moving everything of mine out of there and into what I have designated my "FORTRESS OF SOLITUDE" (cue booming and echoing voice).  Then I had to move all of that into the small closet, that was already full, because we had company coming and they were going to stay in that room.  My fortress had been breached.  With the loss of my photo booth, aka baby's room, and my painting room, aka guest room, everything was put on hold for a bit...
...But all was not lost.  My obsession with shiny objects struck again.  With all the gladiator talk going on at LAF, I decided to finally take the plunge and get some that I've had my eyes on for a bit.  An order to Foundry, Brigade Games, and some eBay grabs, I am now the proud owner of way too many gladiators! :)  I have enough to make two lanistas, one for me and one for my dad.  Now we just needed an arena to fight on.  This is where the boxes of baby furniture come in, they were packed with white foam.  It was a gold mine!  I wanted to keep it all, but She Who Must Be Obeyed said I could only keep 2 bags of foam.  2 trash bags later, I have more than enough to last a bit, plus I know my dad has been stockpiling some too.  The arena had to be big enough so if we decided to have larger fights we could but also look goo for 1on1 fights too.  Enough talking, here are some picks, all WIP right now, but it is close to being done.

It is oval with 2 large doors on the long sides and 2 small doors on the short sides.  The inside wall and the top are covered in spackle.  All of this is on a foam core board.  I decided to us hexes as I plan on using Furts gladiator rules Blood on the Sand when he finishes fine tuning them and are for sale. Until then we would use Warhammer Historical Gladiators.  As of right now, the walls and top are painted, as are the doors and supports.  All that I need to do is paint the sand and frame the outside with wood and my arena will be done.  I was also thinking of making some columns and a trap door to brake up the large space. 

I also plan on finishing photographing the rest of our colonial troops (FFL and Sudanese), my Warhammer figures (Brets and Empire), and my Space Marine army.

Any c and c is welcome,