Sunday, December 22, 2013

Populating the Ludus

With all the gladiators training at the House of Justinian Cervus, there was a need for some guards to keep them in line.  Justinian Cervus had hired some former legionaries as guards, hence the weapons and armor.  I could've used Imperial Romans but I've always wanted to paint some Caesarian Romans and the Wargames Factory plastics are cheep and paint up really quick.  The Doctore was made with parts from Wargames Factory's Caesar Legions and Numidian boxes.  I plan on making slaves out of the Numidian box. 


Monday, December 9, 2013

Old West

Here is a test figure taken with my camera phone.  My batteries ran out on my camera, hence plan B and it's not a very good plan B either.  I will take a better pic when the camera gets up and running.  The figure is from Old Glory's Old West line.  There are some good figures in the pack and some classic Old Glory poses.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Colonial French

These are my dad's troops for our colonial battles.  I've painted them a few years ago but never took proper pictures of them.  They are for our fictional Africa setting.  As with my Germans and British, we just picked what looks good and what we wanted to paint.  The FFL are from Old Glory Miniatures, and the Zouaves and Spahis are from Askari Miniatures.   My dad has some more FFL MG teams, Chasseurs d'Afrique, and some mounted Spahis to paint.  He is also planig on using some Perry Zouaves as Tirailleurs Senegalais.  These are based in groups of 20 for Sword and the Flame.  Hope you like them.

Thursday, November 28, 2013

We who are about to die....

These guys have been finished for a little bit and waiting for their time in the spotlight.  Finally got 5 minutes away from baby detail and took some quick pics.  Hope you like them.  First up, Atticus the Hoplomachus.  Then Scipio, a Provocator.  Felix, the skilled Dimachaerus.  Finally, Tiberius the Murmillo.  Atticus and Scipio are from Crusader Miniatures and Felix and Tiberius are from Foundry.  This rounds out my total gladiator count to 8, enough for a good fight.  I have some Wargames Factory Cesar Romans on the painting table now to use as guards or to fight in larger battles.  Some pics to follow soon.

Atticus the Hoplomachus

Scipio the Provocator

Felix the Dimachaerus

Tiberius the Murmillo

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Foundry, Crusader, and Brigade Games Figures

Some people over on LAF were discussing if Foundry, Crusader, and Brigade Games gladiators are compatible.  I think they are, not every slave is going to be built like a brick sh!t house. 
Foundry, Crusader, Brigade Games, Foundry, Crusader

Crusader, Foundry, Brigade Games, Crusader, Foundry

Foundry, Brigade Games, Crusader

Crusader, Brigade Games, Foundry

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Secutor and Retiarius

Two more gladiators are added to the Ludus of Justinian Cervus to battle in the arena.  I have a Hoplomachus and a Provocator on the painting table right now.  Now, may I present, Africanus the Secutor and Ansgar the Retiarius.  Africanus isn't from Africa, he was actually born in Rome from slave parents and sold to this Ludus when he was a young teen.  Ansgar is a slave from the Northern province and speaks very little Latin.   Hope you like them.