Friday, September 13, 2013

Sir Leopold von Sudetten

Here is my second knight for the unit I'm working on.  I painted him in the same colors as Baron Jakob von Sudetten, his father.  I will count him as the unit's champion.  He is another old Citadel miniature bought along time ago and finally received some paint.  He is riding and old GW barded horse and when I first got the figure some thing didn't look right.  Then I realized that there were no reigns for the horse so I had to make some out of paper.  I think they look good, but I'm a little bias.
Sir Leopold von Sudetten

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Medieval Knights

This is the leader of a unit of knights that I have planned.  It will include knights and their mounted retainers all painted differently.  The figure is an old Citadel miniature that I bought on ebay many moons ago.  He doesn't look so shinny in person, the lights are playing tricks on him.

Baron Jakob von Sudetten

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Ancient Germans

After seeing some excellently painted figures over on LAF, I decided to pull some figures out of the lead mountain and throw some paint around.  The figures are from Black Tree Miniatures with 2 Foundry Ancient Germans thrown in that I've had forever.  They were to be my warlord and his retune for my ancient German army that never got off the ground.  I decided to use them as barbarians for my Greek adventurers to fight.  They are not as glossy as they appear, might have to hit them with another coat of matt.  Hope you like them, C/C always welcome.

Warlord with champion

Group shot

Monday, September 2, 2013

Nothing new but old figures getting camera time

I'm slowly going through my figures and getting them photographed.  These guys are a warband for Mordheim.  My inspiration came mostly from Captain Blood's War of the Roses figures over on The Lead Adventure Forum.  I based it around a crusading knight and his retune.  His lieutenants are knights errants and their small retune.  Other than the leader and the 2 men at arms with spears, they are all made from the Mordheim and the old Empire soldiers plastic figures.  Hope you like them.