Monday, March 27, 2017

Trying some new paint out and saving some old paint

I told myself many moons ago that if I ever started to paint WW2 Germans then I would buy some Vallejo paints.  I have always gotten buy just fine with craft paint and some select Citadel paints and was a little weary of the dropper bottle.  I have to admit that now that I have tried them, I really like them.  I kick myself for not trying the dropper system before.  I like the amount of control you have on how much you put on the pallet.  The craft bottles are similar but I always squeeze out too much paint.  I have also just converted my Citadel paints to dropper bottles that I bought off of Amazon.  I had some Citadel paints that my parents bought back in the early 90's to paint the Fantasy Armies box that my brother and I got.  They are still good! They have lasted longer and cover better that some of their new paints, but the lids on the bottles are breaking and some are drying out.  Hopefully putting them into dropper bottles will prolong them.  

On the painting front, I just finished some Zanzibari slavers but have not taken any pictures yet.  I'm getting ready to paint some WW2 British.  However, with a sick 7mo my painting time is very little.