Friday, May 19, 2017

Hill Giant

Here is a Hill Giant from Black Tree.  This dude is a heavy hunk of solid metal.  It nearly injured me when I dripped it right after priming it and it hit my xacto knife sending it flying at me!  That will get the heart going...  I like the way he looks gangly.  This helps, along with the tree he is carrying :), adds to his non-human appearance.


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

British Airborne

Just finished some figures for Black Tree.  These guys were fun to paint and also scratch my WW2 itch, so it's a win win in my book.


Monday, March 27, 2017

Trying some new paint out and saving some old paint

I told myself many moons ago that if I ever started to paint WW2 Germans then I would buy some Vallejo paints.  I have always gotten buy just fine with craft paint and some select Citadel paints and was a little weary of the dropper bottle.  I have to admit that now that I have tried them, I really like them.  I kick myself for not trying the dropper system before.  I like the amount of control you have on how much you put on the pallet.  The craft bottles are similar but I always squeeze out too much paint.  I have also just converted my Citadel paints to dropper bottles that I bought off of Amazon.  I had some Citadel paints that my parents bought back in the early 90's to paint the Fantasy Armies box that my brother and I got.  They are still good! They have lasted longer and cover better that some of their new paints, but the lids on the bottles are breaking and some are drying out.  Hopefully putting them into dropper bottles will prolong them.  

On the painting front, I just finished some Zanzibari slavers but have not taken any pictures yet.  I'm getting ready to paint some WW2 British.  However, with a sick 7mo my painting time is very little.

Friday, February 10, 2017

Behold a Beholder!

This is another figure from Black Tree Design.  It was fun to paint something different from colonials or WW2.

Thanks for looking.


Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Hey! My eyes are down here!

To piggyback on the last post, I forgot to show the pictures of the halflings and a Satyr that I finished...

All figures from Black Tree Design.

Thanks for looking.

Monday, February 6, 2017

Finally got around to take some pictures

Hello everyone.  I've been busy painting away in my limited spare time and finally painted the bases on a lot of figures.  I finished some WW2 figures and some fantasy figures for Black Tree Design.  I still get all jazzed about painting figures for someone else.  I also finished a 20 man unit of Zanzibar slavers for come colonial action.  I also received the balance of my Christmas present for Wargames Foundry.  I have enough figures for another 20 man unit of Zanzibar slavers, 10 Baluchi swordsmen, and some command figures.  A 20 man unit of explorer Askari, some porters, a 20 man unit of British Askari, enough Sikhs to bump my current unit up to 20 men, plus some officers.  This on top of the previous order from Black Tree and some plastic dark age/medieval/frostgrave sprues has bumped my lead and plastic mountain way into the stratosphere.  Anyway, onto the pictures.

These are a combination of Perry Sudanese, Wargames Factory Persians and Numidians, with Perry Zouave arms and heads.  I know that the slavers around this time had varying skin tones from very dark African black to "Arab", but I wanted to practice painting some Arab like skin tones.  So this particular group of slavers have recently arrived in the area and have not been "in country".

Next are some WW2 Germans and Soviets.

These guys were fun to paint.  I always told myself that if I was to ever paint WW2 Germans then I was going to buy some Vallejo paints.  I have to say, I really like those paints.  All of these figures are from Black Tree Design.

Back to the painting table for me.  I'm prepping some of those Wargames Foundry figures.
Thanks for looking.  Any C&C is welcome.


Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Has it been 8 months?!

Man, time flies when you're having fun! ... super busy!  While I haven't been posting here I have not been idle.  At the beginning of the year I found out that my wife and I were going to have another child.  This would make 2 for us and since we live in a 3 bedroom house I was told that my painting/ computer/ all around hobby safe zone room was going bye bye.  Everything in the room was packed up and relocated to other parts of the house.  My very loving and caring wife then took pity on me and told me that I could "have" one of the front rooms as a painting area so long as I keep it presentable and clean.  This room also doubles as the computer room and secondary TV room.   I was told that this could be my Fortress of Solitude, but my oldest daughter likes to watch TV in here so this is where the family hangs out most of the time.  I then set out to make a new painting table/ computer table that would fit my needs on top of getting the nursery ready.  During this time I was getting a small amount of painting done.  I finished some figures for Black Tree Design, but nothing really for me.
Then on Aug 9, 2016, all painting and anything hobby related stopped.  The Buck household got bigger by one, Emily Elaine Buck came into the world.  To celebrate, a military parade was held in her honor.  

The computer sits on the left and my painting area is the center and right side of the table.

I had to move the display cabinet and had to take all the figures out.  Sorry for the blury pictures, they were taken with my phone in less than ideal lighting.  
Over the next few months I started to get back into the swing of things again.  I painted some Napoleonic British and French, some WW2 Russian partisans, and some Vikings.

I've recently got back into Colonial wargaming thanks to the Congo rules.  Right now I have some Perry Miniature Sudanese that have been converted to Zanzibar slavers on my painting table.  My lead mountain continues to grow.  When Black Tree had a 50% off sale I could not help myself and placed a large order.  I got some Normans for my fantasy/crusade army, some dwarves, a 20 man unit of Zulus, and a lot of Greeks for my Argonauts to fight.  I also bought some Darkest Africa figures from Foundry to round out my slaver force.  
Christmas was also great for me too!  I received some Perry Hussars for my colonial British, and I was told that I had more Darkest Africa figures on the way!  I got 3 books from Osprey and 2 books on battles in the Victorian Age.  Now I just need some time to paint!
Hopefully I can keep this blog updated more often, but the sad truth is that this is the first thing to be cut when free time is at a minimum.