Tuesday, August 20, 2013

And now for something completey different

These have been my latest project, war gaming Greek Mythology.  After looking at some rules I decided to go with a variant of LOTR I found online.  I'm more familiar with the rules, but the new 7th Voyage do look nice.  I grew up watching the old Harry Hausens movies and these greatly influenced my figure choice.  I have many fond memories of these movies and I just recently got them on DVD.  Anyways, back to the figures.  For the Children of the Hydra I knew that I wanted my skeletons to look like the movie, a jerky kind of movement, so I went with some GW skeletons.  I really wanted some of the old ones but I couldn't get any off of ebay, but once I got the second gen plastic skeletons I was real happy with them.  I also had a box of GW plastic goblins that I wanted to use.  I asked the fine folks over at Lead Adventure Forum if there ever were any mention of a sub race or something like that to allow me to use the goblins and the Kobaloi were born.  I use them as a race of pre-humans created by the titans and the reason for their slumped posture is because they are tunneling to Tartarus to free them. 
For the Greeks, I was originally looking at the Foundry Argonauts, but the price was very steep.  Then Immortal came out with plastic Greeks but they looked very stiff, not like the heroes I wanted.  Then I saw Victrix's plastic Greeks and the gods answered my prayers.  When Xmas rolled around I asked for a box of them and I started to work on the skeletons.  When They arrived, the box they were shipped in looked like it got caught in a machine and was then kicked out.  Most of the figures were broken in half.  The people over at Victrix are some great people, they were contacted and sent the pictures of the box and I received a new box of Greeks.   I thought long and hard on what to do with my extra broken figures and then it hit me, Centaurs!  I then ordered some horses from Wargames Factory along with some Persians and some Nubians. 
The Greeks are mainly Victrix with some Wargames Factory and GW parts thrown in.
I'm looking to add some monsters and more Greeks, maybe as another crew on a different voyage.  I still need to name the Greeks.
On to the pictures.

The Golden Fleece

Hero with crew

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