Thursday, January 14, 2016

Random painted items

Towards the tail end of 2015 I started to do something new, commission painting.  I've always thought about doing this but the idea never went beyond that, an idea.  Then one day I was looking at some figures, which I do a lot now that I think about it, and meandered over to the Black Tree Design site.  I've been eyeballing some orcs and goblins (see previous post) and some Crusaders for a while now and decided to take the plunge and buy a pack or two....just to test the waters :)  While on the site I saw that they were looking to update their store to have colored pictures of their figures.  Now I don't think I'm a great painter, but I don't think I'm bad either.  At least my wife tells me they look great :)  So long story short, I threw my name into the bag and they sent me some figures to paint.  My first commission.
 They sent me some WW2 Russian Sailors and some Naked Viking Beserkers.  Which I unfortunately forgot to take pictures of in my rush to sent them back when I was done.  The next batch I was sent were some WW2 British Commandos with Bren guns and a Fantasy mounted Shadow Elf.  I have to admit it is a nice change of pace to paint something completely random.  I did remember to take pictures this time.... I'll let you figure out which is which :)

Any C and C is welcome.


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