Thursday, January 7, 2016

Orcs and Goblins

Well I guess "soon" means the new year :)  Well lets kick 2016 off with a bang!  I finished up most of the orcs and goblins, only have 8 orcs and 16 goblins to go.  I plan on using them as my main villains for my adventurers to fight.  I've also finished my first batch of said adventurers.

Anyways, onto the pictures.....

Ral Partha Troll

Black Tree Orcs

Black Tree Orcs

Warhammer Fantasy Regiment Orc

Fantasy Reg. orcs with new heads and weapons

Same as above, but with 90's GW plastic orcs with spear arms and a Battlemaster orc

Battle master goblins wit new arms, center is original
Black Tree goblins, love the guys

GW snotlings and Alternative Armies goblins

The recently painted gang
size comparison

The troll is from Ral Partha, the larger orcs are from Black Tree Design, the other orcs are from the old Warhammer fantasy regiment box from the 80's.  I swapped out the weapon with weapons from my bits box.  The heads are old GW plastic goblin heads with shaved down noses.  Some orcs from the Battlemasters game floating around in the group too.  There are some goblins from the fantasy regiment box (the ones with a bow), also a lot of goblins from Battlemasters.  I just swapped out some arms to add variety to a single pose figure.  I also painted up some Black Tree goblins, they are the old Harlequin miniatures.  To round out the hoard, I have some GW snotlings and some Alternative Armies goblins to act as lesser goblins.  I wanted to stay away from the green skin as that never made any sense to me.  If the are grown from fungus then wouldn't they be the color of mushrooms?  I for one have never seen a bright green mushroom.  I wanted them to look real, or real as orcs and goblins can be.

The back story that I made up for them is that the larger orcs (great orcs) were part of a war host that lost a large battle.  They were a small group that saw what was about to happen and ran away before they were killed.  The orcs were followed by the other army (a human crusade like army, pictures to follow soon) till the great orcs found a cave in a mountain range to hold up in.  After exploring the cave they found an entrance to a forgotten mountain fort/under castle (pictures to follow).  Here they made their base and started to raid the countryside.   Over time orcs, goblins, lesser goblins, and a troll joined their raids and now there is a small army living in the ruined fort.  This has caused a lot of problems for the local officials as the raids have gone from a nuisance cattle raid to a full out assault and sacking of villages and towns.  A reward has been posted for anyone who can remove this threat.
This has caused adventurers to flock to the area in the hope of claiming the large reward.

Let me know what you think of the figures.  I'll get the adventurers posted in a few days, hopefully :)


  1. Great work. Those Black Tree orcs in particular are really something under your talented brush.


  2. Thanks, those and the Black Tree goblins were the ones that jump started this project.