Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Medieval/ Crusaders

Prior to buying my Reaper Adventurers, I was planning to have my orcs/goblins fight some medieval humans.  After looking at figures from what seemed like everywhere, I decided to focus more on  the 2nd/3rd Crusade time frame.  I wanted my humans to be in chainmail not in full plate.   This did narrow down the choice of figures.  I eventually decided to go with Black Tree Miniatures as my base core group.  I was tempted by Fireforge Crusaders, Conquest's Normans and Perry Miniatures Crusaders.  Fireforge was a little too late and Conquest and Perry were a little too early for my liking but they might make an appearance after I convert them to my liking.  The fact that Black Tree was having a sale on their figures did help sway my decision :)  I now plan to use them in skirmish games against my orc horde when they are not fighting in a dungeon.  Any C&C is welcome.  

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