Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Another unit for the Sudanese

This unit came about after I assembled most of the Perry Bros plastic Sudanese.  I was looking at what I had left and saw that there were sooooo many heads left over.  Not wanting them to be banished to purgatory in my bits box, I went on a quest to find a use for them.  In the back corner of the twin mountains (my unpainted lead and plastic figures) under a mound of dust, I found a box of Wargames Factory Zulus that I bought ages ago.  I never really liked the sculpting on the heads and some of the poses are definitely funky, but the wheels were turning....

My dad and I are collecting colonial troops for our respective armies, French and American for him and German and British for me, all set in a fictional Africa setting loosely based on the Anglo- Sudan war.  We have a ton of native troops painted and are still painting more and whit the philosophy of more is always better, I decided to Frankenstein an unit together.  I know that there were no Beja tribes wearing garb that a Zulu would feel comfortable in, but I don't care :)   These are Wargames Factory Zulu bodies and arms with Perry Miniatures heads, shields, and an arm or two.  When massed together with the other troops they do look impressive.

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