Wednesday, March 16, 2016


I've been eyeing the Frostgrave Cultist for a while now.  It's hard to find good fantasy cultists that are not all in robes.  While robed cultist have their uses, fighting skirmishes in a dungeon isn't one of them.  So when I saw the plastic set I knew it was only a matter of time before I owed a box...or two.

I have a plastic necromancer that I made out of a GW Empire wizard that need some protection.

 A skeleton and zombie.  These would've been the first two companions that a fledgling necromancer would have.  They would act like a moving shield for the necromancer.  The skeleton only moves when the enemy is near.  The zombie just soaks up arrows.

 These 3 cultists are armed with hand weapons and shields.  Cultists/GW/and Victix bits

The elf on the left has a sword and dagger...and a dagger, and a dagger, and a....
The center man has a spear and a small shield. The last man has a sword/dagger combo.

Finally the firepower.  The one on the left has GW militia arms, the center is armed with the cultist crossbow, and the last one is an elf armed with a GW militia bow.  I didn't like the way the cultist bow looked so I used these arms.

I don't own the Frostgrave rules and don't plan on getting them anytime soon.  I don't have time or any opponents in the area to game against.  I just put together figures that I thought would look cool.

I had a blast putting them together and look forward to putting the rest together after I get these painted.  Now I just need a color scheme and a good cult name...

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