Thursday, November 28, 2013

We who are about to die....

These guys have been finished for a little bit and waiting for their time in the spotlight.  Finally got 5 minutes away from baby detail and took some quick pics.  Hope you like them.  First up, Atticus the Hoplomachus.  Then Scipio, a Provocator.  Felix, the skilled Dimachaerus.  Finally, Tiberius the Murmillo.  Atticus and Scipio are from Crusader Miniatures and Felix and Tiberius are from Foundry.  This rounds out my total gladiator count to 8, enough for a good fight.  I have some Wargames Factory Cesar Romans on the painting table now to use as guards or to fight in larger battles.  Some pics to follow soon.

Atticus the Hoplomachus

Scipio the Provocator

Felix the Dimachaerus

Tiberius the Murmillo

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