Saturday, May 15, 2021


 Every hero needs a good villain to fight against.  Meet Conan's nemesis, Nakhtem, a dark sorcerer from ancient Acheron, a disciple of the slumbering Set, and an antagonist to all things good.  

Nakhtem and the two assassins are metal Reaper Miniatures.  The non-hooded followers are Wargames Atalantic Persians.  The hooded followers are old Wargames Factory Persian bodies with Frostgrave cultists arms.  I have some sorceress and some snake men/women basecoated and waiting to be summoned.  

Here is Nakhtem with his two most trusted assassins

Next up are some generic bandits, Turanian caravan guards, and a small group of Afghulis.  

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  1. Love your blog post and your Conan ones are killer, inspiring use of the Ancients figure lines. I’ve been trying to do the setting of pre /post Antediluvian with the main focus on Mesopotamia Gilgamesh and such, just wanted to Say keep it up.