Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Another unit for the Sudanese

This unit came about after I assembled most of the Perry Bros plastic Sudanese.  I was looking at what I had left and saw that there were sooooo many heads left over.  Not wanting them to be banished to purgatory in my bits box, I went on a quest to find a use for them.  In the back corner of the twin mountains (my unpainted lead and plastic figures) under a mound of dust, I found a box of Wargames Factory Zulus that I bought ages ago.  I never really liked the sculpting on the heads and some of the poses are definitely funky, but the wheels were turning....

My dad and I are collecting colonial troops for our respective armies, French and American for him and German and British for me, all set in a fictional Africa setting loosely based on the Anglo- Sudan war.  We have a ton of native troops painted and are still painting more and whit the philosophy of more is always better, I decided to Frankenstein an unit together.  I know that there were no Beja tribes wearing garb that a Zulu would feel comfortable in, but I don't care :)   These are Wargames Factory Zulu bodies and arms with Perry Miniatures heads, shields, and an arm or two.  When massed together with the other troops they do look impressive.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

WW2 Russians and a small dash of fantasy

Just finished some Black Tree Design WW2 Russians firing a DSHK 1938 12.7MM HMG.  Since they were wearing winter clothes I tried for the first time to add snow to my bases.  I used a mixture of baking soda, white glue and white paint.  I do not think I had the mixture right as it started to turn brown after I put it on.  After many coats of white paint I finally were able to get white snow.  Not sure why it changed color on me.  Maybe next time I paint white where I want the snow so the ground color does not bleed through, or I just buy some snow effects and call it a day.

The "snow" kept throwing my camera off but I think you get the picture.  It was not until I was up loading the pictures that I noticed the paint missing from the nose of the figure on the right in the first picture...that has now been corrected.

This last figure is of a Halfling riding an Emu.  I had such a blast painting this.  It was a nice change to paint something that was not in uniform.


Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Egyptians, Gurkhas, and Churchill

Just posting some pics of the latest figures I've finished.  I've always like ancient Egypt and Egyptian mythology so I was eager to get these figures painted.  The WWII Gurkhas were a nice change of pace after painting 20 Zanzibar slavers.  Churchill was a figure that I would not normally have painted but was a nice challenge.  Anyways, on to the pictures.


Tuesday, July 24, 2018


Black Tree Design has launched a Pirates of Treasure Island Kickstarter.  Since I was a little kid I've always loved pirates.  I have fond memories of riding the Pirates of the Caribbean when I was a little kid at Disney Land.  Floating through the town being sacked by pirates and then between two ships firing broadsides into each other.  If that doesn't kick start you r love for pirates then nothing will!  Fast forward about 30 years, and my love for pirates is still going strong.  I recently took my two daughters to Disney Land and I had only one demand that was non negotiable, we had to ride the Pirates of the Caribbean ride.  Even though it has changed since the time I first went on it, I still had a blast.
So you can imagine my surprise when I received two pirates along with some other figures.  A pirate with one leg and a crutch and a young boy.  The two immediately made me think of Long John Silver and Jim Hawkins from Treasure Island.

 Which is a good thing as the label on the package, that I did not read in my haste to look at the figures, clearly said Treasure Island.   I quickly watched Treasure Island again to get the painting mojo really flowing and then put paint to metal.  I really like these figures and they were a blast to paint.   The bases had wood planking texture and I continued the deck planking with coffee stirrer sticks.  If the rest of the figures are like these two, which they appear to be, then they would be a great addition to any pirate collection. 


Monday, July 23, 2018

Well, it has been a while...

Wow, time defiantly went by quick!  While I haven't been posting on here it doesn't mean that my paint brushes have been idle.  I've been painting in little spurts in my free time.  These are all from Black Tree Design for their website