Monday, May 10, 2021

Sellswords and Freebooters

 Meet the Crimson Hawks. A roving band of sellswords, if the pay is good, or bandits, if not.  Just one of the freebooter bands that Conan has spent some time with during his travels.

I tried to build a multi-national band of warriors.  They are again mostly Victrix Italian Allied Legions bodies with some Guals, Samnites, Greeks, and Iberian bodies. There is also some metal Reaper Miniatures thrown in for good measure. Conan is from the Northstar Ghost Archipelago range.

Thorbjorn the Asgardian, Shullat a Shemite, and Philoxenos, a fugitive Argosian sailor 

Velthur and Aris, Kothian brothers. Aris is the current comander of the Crimson Hawks. Farhad, a Turan deserter 

Androcles and Lykomedes, Corinthian adventurers and Arnth, an Ophirian

Proclus, a Nemedian, Vulca from Khoraja, a Zingaran named Cotius

Belin a disgraced Aquilonian knight and Rychard, a Bossonian archer

And last but not least, a young Conan

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