Monday, September 6, 2021

What a piece of junk!

 I have had a 3D printer for some time now but have not really used it that much.  When I first got it I was printing a few things but I was still trying to learn how to use it.  The main problem was where to store it.  My wife was humoring me by letting me keep it on the kitchen counter, but I knew that was not going to last for long.  I was able to get an old cabinet that is very sturdy and does not shake much which can ruin a print.  It has been sitting on this cabinet for about a year now without me using it.  After spit balling ideas around with my wife about reorganizing my hobby area, she asked if I needed to keep the 3D printer in the room as it takes up some space.  I told her yes but I then realized that I have not used it for a while.  I decided to change that. 

I had previously bought some STL files from 2nd Dynasty for some spaceships to be used for Star Wars, now was the time to put those to use and get back into the swing of things.  After a few trial and error attempts, I was back in business!  While it is not an exact copy of any Star Wars fighter, It has the right vibe, and that is all that matters with me.  This was  the first time I painted any 3D print so there were mistakes that were made.  I really should not have dry brushed the model.  I might go back and paint the ship in a lighter grey color.  

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